William Smith


Name: William Smith (The Young) Homeworld: Hive Gender: Male Career: Arbitrator Rank: Regulator

WS: 34 BS: 31 S: 28 T: 45 Ag: 34 Int: 29 Per: 22 WP: 28 Fel: 39 Wounds: 13

Fate Points: 3 Thrones: 1133 Income: 84 Insanity Pts: 2.5 Spent XP: 1250 Remaining XP: 400 Corruption Pts: 1

Movement: (Walk 1/2 action: 3), (Walk full action: 6), (Charge: 9), (Run: 18)

Build: lanky Skin Color: Black Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Age: 22 Handedness: Right Height: 1.8m Mass: 65kg

Quirk: Outrageous Hair Divination: In the darkness, follow the light of terra

Traits / Talents: Accustomed to Crowds, Basic (SP), Melee (P)(shock), Rapid Reload, Disarm

Basic Skills: Tech-use, Scrutiny, Awareness, Intimidate

Advanced Skills: Speak Hive, Literacy, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites), Common Lore (Imperium), Inquiry

Gear: Uniform, 3 doses of stim, injector, Arbitrator ID, Crono, Flask of Amasec, Microbead, Fancy Vest, Data Slate, Short Length of Chain, Combi-tool, Purple Tuxedo, Guard Flak Armour, 20 manstopper bullets, 20 dumdum bullets, 20 shells

Weapons: Shock Maul (mono) Class: melee Dmg: 1 d10 Type: shocking Pen: 2 Brass Knuckles Class: melee Dmg: 1 d5 + 1 Type: I Pen: 0 Knife Class: melee Dmg: 1 d5 Type: R Pen: 0 Combat Shotgun (Scatter, Reliable) Class: Basic Dmg: 1 d10 + 4 Type: I Pen: 0 Rng: 30m RoF: 5/3/- Clip: 18 RLD: 2/2


“In west Philadelphium born and raised; in the underhive’s where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and playin’ some tarot outside of the school, when a couple of scum, who were up to no good, started makin’ trouble in my neighborhood. ... I whistled for a dropship and when it came near, the license slate said ‘For the Emperor’ and there were skulls in the mirror! If anything then I thought that this cat was… perfectly normal. but I said, aw, forget it, yo holmes to Bellarium.” – my life in a short song

After relocating to Bellarium, Smith climbed the Arbitrator ranks with a perfectly orcastrated combination of boyish antics, whoring around, and first class, heretic smashing, police work to reach the level of prestige and accomplishment he has today despite his often “unorthodox methods.”

William Smith

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