Metalus Verne

Voidborn Sanctioned Psyker


Rank Scholar Materium

Attribute WS BS S T AG Int Per WP Fel
Score 38 29 28 29 34 38 41 59 33(-5)

Skills and Talents

  • Extra basic skills: Nav(stellar)(int), Pilot(Spacecraft)(Ag)
  • Advanced Skills: Speak(Low Gothic, Ship’s Dialect)(Int), Psynicscience(Per), Invocation(WP), Trade(Soothsayer)(Fel), Literacty(Int)
  • Talents: Psy Rating 3, Hatred(Witches), Insanely Faithful, Resist(Psychic Powers), Unremarkable, Ambidextrous
  • Weapon training: Melee(Primitive, Shock), Pistol(SP)
  • Traits: Hypno-Doctrination, Charmed, Ill-Omened, Shipwise, Void Accustomed, Unreadable

Location Head R.Arm L.Arm Body R. Leg L. Leg
AP 2 4 4 4 4 4
Type Flak Mesh Mesh Mesh Mesh Mesh

Other Points
Fate Points 3
Wounds 9
Insantiy Points 1
Corruption Points 0
Thrones 291
Monthly Income 91
XP Spent 2200
XP left 75



Name ‘Ceremonial’ Macharius Blade (Officer’s Cutlass)
Class Sword
Damage 1D10+2
Type R
Penetration 2
Special Rules Balanced, Shock, Mono
Name Staff
Class Staff
Damage 1D10
Type I
Penetration 0
Special Rules Primitive, Balanced, Two Handed
Name Psykana Mercy Blade
Class Knife
Damage 1D5
Type R
Penetration 0
Special Rules Primitive, Psykana


Name Compact Stub Revolver
Class Pistol
Damage 1D10+2
Type I
Pen 0
Range 15 m
Rate of Fire S//
Clip 3
Reload 2 Full
Special Rules Reliable, Red Dot(+10), Silencer
Name Ornate Autopistol
Class Pistol
Damage 1D10+3
Type I
Pen 0
Range 40 m
Rate of Fire S/4/6
Clip 16
Reload 2 Full
Special Rules Silencer
Name Shotgun Pistol
Class Pistol
Damage 1D10+4
Type I
Pen 0
Range 10 m
Rate of Fire S//
Clip 1
Reload Full
Special Rules Reliable, scatter
Name Frag Grenade
Class Thrown
Damage 2D10
Type X
Pen 0
Range 6 m
Rate of Fire N/A
Clip N/A
Reload N/A
Special Rules Blast 4
Name Firebomb x2
Class Thrown
Damage 1D10+3
Type E
Pen 6
Range 6 m
Rate of Fire N/A
Clip N/A
Reload N/A
Special Rules Blast 3

Other Equipment


  • 64 Bullets(Revolver)
  • 16 Bullets(Auto)
  • 15 Manstopper Bullets(Revolver)

Useful Items

  • Psy-Focus
  • Data Slate
  • Microbead
  • Chrono
  • Grapnel
  • Backpack
  • Void Suit
  • Infrared goggles


  • Stylish clothing
  • Deck of Cards
  • Sanctioning Brand
  • Thin Glassteel Disc

Psychic Powers

Minor Psychic Powers

Power Threshold Time
Call Item 5 1/2
Forget Me 6 1/2
Lucky 6 1/2
Precognition 6 1/2
Healer 7 1
Chameleon 7 1/2
Sense Presence 7 1/2
Unnatural Aim 8 1/2
Distort Vision 8 0
Dull Pain 8 1/2
White Noise 8 1
Spectral Hands 10 1
Touch of Madness 11 1

Major Psychic Powers
Power Threshold Time
Bio-Lightning 14 1/2


Born to two mid-ranking officers on a naval ship in the Segmentum Solar, Metalus was on the road to follow in their footsteps. However, one day, in a freak accident, an arc of electricity shot from a bit of exposed wiring to him, opening his mind to the warp and awakening his psyker abilities. In the time that his mind was exposed, he saw the thousand horrors of the warp, and, just as he thought that he would be consumed, was saved by the Emperor’s mercy in the form of the light of the Astronomicon. Knowing his fate and determined to meet it with all the mental fortitude he could, he immediately rushed to the authorities, and was put on the first Black Ship for Terra. He eagerly anticipated his future, his soul merging with the Emperor to keep him alive. After all, without His help, his soul would have been forfeit already; what was his life compared to that?

To his dismay, however, he was judged powerful enough to be sanctioned. However, he accepted this change in plans; however he could help the Imperium, he would. He now hates all unsanctioned human psykers who try to hide their gifts, and those who make pacts with daemons most of all, viewing them as ungrateful swine who have turned their backs on humanity. He hates xenos no more than the average human.

Metalus Verne

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